IT Solutions for Healthcare

IT Solutions for Healthcare Offices

With the competing costs of delivering quality healthcare you need every advantage you can get. Timely access to your patient’s medical records is central to that mission. Today’s medical professional needs secure, accurate and fast medical record access at the click of a mouse. Our healthcare centric IT solutions enable you with access to any internal software application on any device with a broadband internet connection.

We work directly with the practice administrator and ensure she has accurate reporting of all IT activities and knows exactly what her costs are going to be each month.

  • Provide a secure HIPAA compliant IT platform for each of our clients
  • Store and Secure patient medical records in an encrypted format
  • Ensure 24/7 access to patient medical records in a secure environment
  • Provide a super fast response during regular business hours
  • Ensure optimal server performance 24/7
  • Provide desk side support to the end users
  • Regular Onsite visits
  • Vendor management to stop the finger pointing